Brio bus with paint scheme

El Paso is experiencing a premier form of transportation known as the Rapid Transit System, or RTS. Sun Metro broke ground on the first of four RTS corridors, which introduced El Pasoans to a high quality transit service that offers similar benefits to light rail transit, such as improved speed and reliability, but at a much lower implementation cost.

RTS uses modern, rubber-tire, high capacity vehicles; improved fare collection systems and controlled traffic signals to move riders more efficiently. Ultimately, Sun Metro passengers using the RTS will not only save money and reduce their carbon footprint, they will get to their destinations faster.

This new system is known as the Sun Metro Brio with unique amenities, including: uniquely branded 60-foot articulated buses in mixed traffic; a frequency of 10 minutes (peak service) to 15 minutes (off-peak service); stations that are about a mile apart; branded and landscaped stations with improved pedestrian amenities and signal prioritization (lengthen green traffic signals).

El Paso's first innovative, faster and more effective transportation option, Mesa Brio, began in fall 2014 with the introduction of the Mesa corridor.

Map displaying all the Brio corridors throughout El Paso